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In doing so, they said a loaded revolver fell out of Kennedy pocket.Police were able to arrest him, thanks to the help of local resident. Police said Michael Githens, a licensed security officer, heard the gunfire moments earlier and when he came to see what had happened, he saw the officer struggling with Kennedy. Githens helped the officer wrestle Kennedy,… Read more →

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Don want to draw negative attention, so I just going to focus on playing the game, Williamson told The Tennessean on Friday. I heard from them, I didn even try to argue anything. I just left it alone. Princeton was bolstered by the addition of sophomore Acasio Pinheiro to its lineup. Pinheiro, who became eligible earlier this week after transferring… Read more →

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If you’re conversing in English, use proper English. Don’t bastardize the language and pepper it with slang. You can only use slang if the people around you speak the same way. “I have two children. My daughter is here this evening, and as the neighbors had said, it’s not just my children, they have children. The roadway is giving away.… Read more →

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He Met a Need: word impossible has been and must remain deleted from our dictionary, says Kamprad. When others said it couldn be done, Kamprad went and did it. From building quality furniture for less than it was ever thought possible to making products fit with ease in the trunks of customers cars, Kamprad listened to what the customer wanted… Read more →

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Among other things, it was one of the few substantial stories I did this year that did not involve Northwest Airlines. For a change, it was a chance to work collaboratively with a company (Aveda) to learn about their business, to go inside and explain the challenges they face and successes they’ve had. The first part of the piece, analyzing… Read more →

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In addition to all the exposure, last week’s Sports Illustrated cover and guest spots on shows like ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, success brings pressure. Mullen needed late season nail biters against Arkansas and Ole Miss in 2013 to ensure a 7 6 season and his own job security. The father of two admits that it seems as if he’s always… Read more →