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Nike Black Synthetic Leather Casual Shoes

The Federation of Students and Nominally or Unemployed Artists is James Bachhuber, Angela Ferraiolo, Sam Freeman, Tamara Gubernat, Steve Lambert, Michael McCanne, Prescila Nri, Kahil Shkymba, Bob Smith, and Hal Weiss. The project was inspired by Jon Rubin’s $100 assignment.30$ 100$ Drawings by Steve Lambart(Inspired by Jon Rubin’s Not a Lotto: This project developed by graduate students from California College… Read more →

Nike Leather Casual Shoes

Lo, look what happened on the way to forcing religion into the marketplace: The corporations Apple, Nike, Yelp, Gap, PayPal, Big Pharma companies like Eli Lilly and the nine largest companies with headquarters in Indiana have rebelled. They are saying: No, don give us the power to discriminate. We rather remain soulless purveyors of product to the widest possible customer… Read more →