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EDENS engaged resident blacksmiths, mural artists, carpenters and metalworkers to create unique custom worksthroughout South Bay. The “Made in Dorchester” initiative is a direct reflection of our mission to enrich community by partnering with local artisans and placemakerswhoembody the culture and soul of Dorchester. Jointly working on the design and curation, EDENS and the artisans have created a canvas that… Read more →

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Horst would later pass away in 1987 and the company would go public. No more Dassler heirs would run the company, even though today some Dassler family members still work for the company. Adidas finally would join, as a corporation, with the French company Salomon, but the Adidas company headquarters is still in Adi’s hometown of Herzogenaurach.. “I can’t sleep… Read more →

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So this would be a good opportunity for TransForce to consolidate these operations with the rest of its package and courier business, therefore generating significant cost reductions.The mystery bidder US$23.50 per share offer implies a total value of roughly US$230 million. That represents an EV/EBITDA multiple of 8.9x based on consensus fiscal 2011 estimates, or a P/E/ of 17.8x on… Read more →

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Not to mention, we met a nice young lady from Tokyo who spoke great English. She also told us that she had ALTs in junior and senior high school and that she thought it was a great opportunity to get to know/speak with foreigners. According to the older man, since Japan is a crowded island country, the opportunity to meet… Read more →

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Unfortunately, we revert to hunting for inspiration outside, but we don’t steal like artists. Creativity is about taking two existing ideas, putting them together in an unexpected way and creating something new. A lot of advertising that comes across as insightful has been picked up directly from life. Yeah, it’s messed up. You don’t decide how the world judges a… Read more →

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The report examines key 2017 patent litigation trends and provides insights gleaned from quantitative data about federal district court cases, PTAB trials and ITC investigations. Lex Machina executives will review the findings in awebcast today.”The Supreme Court decision on TC Heartland v. Tex.) remained the top court for new patent case filings in 2017 (866 cases) followed closely by the… Read more →

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C’est encore lui que l’on prfre dans le cabinet d’avocats de Glenn Close (Damages) et celui du psy Gabriel Byrne (In treatment En analyse), chez les gays (Queers as Folk) et les lesbiennes (L World), dans toutes les caches de la marraine de la mafia corse (Mafiosa). Dans la srie 24 heures chrono, on pousse le vice plus loin: les… Read more →