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Apple says it re engineered the watch to make it resistant to water damage. This is especially true when it comes to the device speaker, which ejects water from the watch at the end of a swim. Apple is also adding a new workout feature hat allows swimmers to log swims both in the pool and in open water.. Game… Read more →

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Ryan Lochte is displaying remorse for his behavior in Rio, but is it too late? Lochte, 32, and three teammates allegedly vandalized a gas station and urinated on the building. He left those details out of an account he gave of being robbed at gunpoint. Lochte’s account of the incident changed, and police deny that any robbery occurred. Welker and… Read more →

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Every day the Chinese go to work, Americans get a raise: Chinese workers, many earning each day about what Americans spend on a Starbucks latte, produce apparel, appliances and other stuff cheaply, thereby enlarging Americans’ disposable income. Americans similarly get a raise when they shop at the stores that made Sam Walton a billionaire.The ranks of billionaires are constantly churned.… Read more →

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31 Sept. 13. (VINCENT KESSLER/REUTERS). Moreau, John T. Wertz, Philipp Engel Jacob A. RussellNature Communications 9, 964. Rick Pitino will go to Louisville before Michigan. Could you ever see Pitino coaching at a school where he is not the show. Obviously Jeff Van Gundy has taken a few too many shots to that melon head of his. Breasts are mostly… Read more →

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After two years, I quit my job to start my own studio, and serendipitously received a call from a Nike recruiter. They needed someone in Nike Sportswear out at the world headquarters, and they thought I would fit. I accepted the job, they moved me out here to Portland. “He’s always been big,” Hall said. “For being so young, he… Read more →

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How come Dow? Think “Dow” and it was “Jones” this week in a bumpy stock market that rocked Wall Street and other financial communities. However, there was another “Dow” in the news, and that’s Dow Brands, a billion dollar plus Indianapolis based maker of household and cleaning products that the parent Dow Chemical had decided to unload. Johnson Son in… Read more →

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Sunderland are one of the Premier League clubs using the equipment. “We use it every day, in every session, and we’ve used it in every pre season game so far this summer,” their first team sports scientist Paul Walsh tells Sky Sports. “It’s quite an integral part of the whole backroom team’s work.. Kwame Taylor Hayford is set to join… Read more →