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As a sports fan, he also knew about Adidas and Puma and other sports brands very much. But to people’s surprise, this ordinary guy developed a new brand Nike, which even exceeded the control position of Adidas in sports area. He was obsessed by the charm of sports. And Congress’ regulation of American multinational corporations goes beyond the corrupt practices… Read more →

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The Bulldogs are also on top in the New England Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (NEILA). The Ivy League is dominating the New England rankings, with Brown and Harvard both ranked in the top five. Yale plays both teams later this season. Next move onto the classic cartoon character who’s finally speeding his way out to the big screen we’ve students begin… Read more →

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On November 2 and 3 2017, we held a workshop on the topic of Indigenous astronomy at the University of Toronto. The workshop was sponsored by the Centre for Indigenous Studies, the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy Astrophysics and the Department of Astronomy Astrophysics. The purpose of the two day workshop was to bring together astronomers, educators and Indigenous scholars from… Read more →

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When Leasure’s not traveling to China and Thailand, where many of the shoes are produced, Oregon and her job provide plenty of opportunities for her adventure racing habit. She’ll ride her bike 8 miles into work and go rock climbing at one of Nike’s facilities before heading for her desk. She will spend her lunch hour on the treadmill and… Read more →

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“My throat gets really dry on plane rides, so I have a little portable humidifier that I bring. It actually just plugs into a phone charger, it’s a USB powered humidifier. What you do is you get a water bottle, and you screw it in, and the water bottle creates the moisture for the humidifier. Produced astounding numbers during his… Read more →

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“A genius idea,” longtime Baltimore AAU coach Jerard Rucker called the EYBL format. “It’s sink or swim. If you perform well, you get to the playoffs. The transformation transcends the physical environment. A cultural shift has occurred and residents in general choose to live near where they work. Education has improved as well, with children walking or biking to quality… Read more →

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You can carry a Louis Vuitton handbag, wear Gucci clothing, use Nars polished make up but still not feel beautiful. Using her unique system of 35 ‘Image Types’, she analyses your psychology your personality, architecture, and presence, which acts as an archetype for who you are and is a style template advising you what to wear. She has been featured… Read more →