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The rights just became available to this musical, and St. Mary’s is one of the first high schools in the country to produce it. More than 70 students are taking part, on stage and backstage. Walker received his invitation through his participation with Under Armour’s CanadaElite grass roots program. He will take part in an event with Foot Locker where… Read more →

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Palos Verdes Maintenance SuperintendentSean Larvenz illustrated the site history: is actually a missile magazine underground that would load missiles onto the elevators. And then the missiles would be deployed up here on the launch decks. Site was in San Pedro. Chick fil A learned a lesson in its journey from behind the grease counter and back over gay marriage. After… Read more →

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The strategy didn’t work as well as the coach had hoped and by the finish line, a pack of runners was closing in. Stevens saw the pressure and found a way to kick, crossing the finish line in 15 minutes, 27.30 seconds. Kopczynski got passed in the final yards by Aaron Brumbaugh of Mark Morris and finished third in 15:36.18..… Read more →

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There are not SWOT analyses available for all companies in these databases. If there has not been one published on your company, or if your company is a privately owned, you may need to put together a SWOT analysis yourself using information found in company reports in these databases. Look for reports on 2 or 3 larger public companies in… Read more →

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In a separate presentation, ESPN used MediaScience eye tracking to help make the case that marketers should consider a mobile ad “viewable” by consumers if it appears partly in view for just a half second, as opposed to the one or two seconds required by the Media Rating Council. MediaScience found that people generally fix their eyes on mobile ads… Read more →

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Sports Illustrated attracted nearly 20 million unique visitors to its desktop and mobile sites in May, a 49% boost compared with May 2013, according to ComScore. Covers digital and traditional media, the trends affecting them and their fight over both advertising dollars and the attention of readers and viewers. In covering the evolving media business, his beat has grown to… Read more →