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Hope we part of that transformation, Haggerty said. Don think a song like Love would have been received the same way even five years ago. We as a society and a culture have proven throughout time that we evolve, that we become slowly more compassionate and tolerant and accepting. YouTube is cracking down on firearms related content. The Delete Facebook… Read more →

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In one sentence, he went from hero to villain. Was the same person, so why did his brand change so dramatically? Because his story changed. Even if it took him his entire career, he was supposed to lead poor, downtrodden Cleveland to glory. Family 7: A single disabled father of four. The 10 year old girl’s clothing size is 16,… Read more →

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It’s perhaps fitting that a device for serious sports performance monitoring has come out of Vancouver, where on any given day its seems like the entire population runs 10K before breakfast or at the very least, cycles to work. A wearable computer, somewhat like Google Glass, it is geared for athletes who want to have all sorts of monitoring information… Read more →

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The internet was built for those of us who love to surf through the information rather than read volumes at a time. Since many people do prefer scanning, there is a pretty good chance your entire article will not be read. Visitors usually look for sentences or paragraphs that capture their attention, and then return to the search engines to… Read more →