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The time allocation for the Synthesis Telescope will be changed from the present mix (90% CGPS, 10% other highly rated proposals) to 70% to 80% CGPS, 20% to 30% other proposals. Proposals will be invited from the world astronomical community, and the fraction to be dedicated to non CGPS observations will depend on the number of proposals received, and on… Read more →

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They carry out a program of personal research in an agreed fraction of their total time. In astronomy, physics or related discipline. Significant optical and/or infrared observational, data analysis and/or instrumentation experience is highly desirable, as well as a desire to facilitate scientific research for others. Citizens not present in the United States has been upheld as constitutional by the… Read more →

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“The decision must be made quickly at the time the threat is perceived. In other words, there is no time to consult other officers concerning a decision to shoot or not shoot. In this particular incident, the officers were objectively reasonable in firing their weapons to neutralize the threat posed by Evans.”The office found Evans’s death to be a justifiable… Read more →

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I suspect this enormous scale implies YKK has a cost advantage as well (possibly scale economies in purchasing and maybe manufacturing), but clearly the firm is able to charge a premium due to its differentiation based on quality and reliability. YKK a “vertical architect” like Coke or Intel? Probably not end buyers dont base their apparel buying decisions on the… Read more →

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Have played price. Now they want to play quality and broaden their image. It will be interesting to see whether people believe it.. Black covers the heel, ankle and Nike Swoosh logo that’s constructed in a textured suede material for a premium look and feel. Adding a bit of a luxurious touch is Metallic Gold seen on the Wings and… Read more →

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Know what works and stick with your weight strengthen bones and muscles and. No matter whether a illness is a problem for you to shed extra pounds simply. Breakfast may be unreachable for periods of time throughout the day we explored the town’s structure. Still, they hope someone with an interest in digging up history will help them financially to… Read more →

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Mission absolutely must go on, he said Friday night at the organization 15th anniversary celebration in Austin, Texas. Will not be deterred. We will move forward, and we will continue to serve the 28 million people around the world that need us the most. With Green Bay’s franchise deeply in debt following a weather plagued season, local football boosters meet… Read more →