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He said that the people who succeeded were those who thought of the ride as vacation, who got up excited to ride their bikes in the morning because the opportunity wasn something they got every day. Pointed out that it might be hard for those of us living in Crested Butte to fathom, but the very large majority of people… Read more →

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Many of Frost cards feature woodcut illustrations evoking the New England landscape with which he was so deeply associated. Printed on heavy cardstock, some run to 10 or 15 pages. The 1942 card included a hand colored illustration of a country village and the poem Gift Outright, which Frost, who won four Pulitzer Prizes for poetry, later recited from memory… Read more →

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Reporter: At the real estate office, her 65 colleagues may start requiring clients to come to the office instead of just meeting them at some empty house. It was nothing that Beverly did that we haven’t done in the past or wouldn’t have done the same way. Reporter: Carter’s husband and her two adult sons were notified of that discovery… Read more →

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“Soup! Soup! Soup!” shouts a man in short staccato bursts as he maneuvers a cart with complimentary bowls of goat bone broth around tables filled with nearly 100 men many of them wearing kufis, the tight fitting, round caps traditionally donned by Muslims, as well as thawbs, cotton and silk gowns that fall to their feet. I’d driven to Tukwila… Read more →

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While Anaheim is accustomed to accommodating large gatherings, carpooling and planning for additional vehicle traffic is encouraged. Please keep in mind many of the events associated with All Star Week coincide with a normal work week and associated commuting hours. Will be available at the Anaheim Convention Center and Angel Stadium of Anaheim parking lots. The suspect was also wearing… Read more →

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Never worry about your earbuds popping out while you’re out running (or running errands) again. This fleece headband from UR Powered not only keeps your ears toasty when cold weather is in full force, but it also doubles as your headphones. It comes with HD speakers that thread directly between two layers of fleece and connect to a wire that… Read more →

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Prior to last season, Bethune Cookman had not had a losing season since 2009 and the Wildcats had reeled off six straight seasons of eight or more victories. Injuries, however, hit the Wildcats early last year and it took a toll. Brihm went down in the second game against Tennessee State, back up Anthony Cruz now a receiver was injured… Read more →

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Graduate Hoshang Daroga (’14) was selected by his peers to address the Class of 2014. He gave a shout out to his own family, unable to be present but watching the ceremony via webcast. Daroga summed up his MFE experience as a 43 seat rollercoaster: “Once you’re buckled in, there’s no getting off.” His classmates responded to his inside jokes… Read more →

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If you are looking to purchase a hoodie stripe white fleece jacket, Zoo York men’s features gray stripes to go along with a snow white color. Sizes are available for men in medium and large. These are sport white fleece jackets for men to wear. 1715 RoyalMost recently these coins have been making headlines by being discovered amongst the fabled… Read more →