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His campaign later clarified that Ahlquist wouldn’t necessarily propose $100 million in midyear holdbacks in his first three months in office. Idaho’s state budget year starts July 1, and the governor typically proposes a budget to lawmakers in January, for approval during the legislative session, to take effect on July 1. That would be the time frame for Ahlquist’s proposed… Read more →

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Belarus had boundary disputes with Ukraine and in 1997 a treaty was signed regarding this border dispute. Till date the issue remains unresolved owing to certain financial claims. Also, the country has boundary issues with Latvia and Lithuania as the proper line of demarcation is not yet decided along with long and pending political and economic issues with Russia.In the… Read more →

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It is perhaps unsurprising that Navigator would have a relationship with a major Russian company during Ross tenure. Much like President Donald Trump, whose company sought approval for a hotel project in Moscow as recently as last year, Ross has long shown an appreciation for the untapped potential of Russian markets when seeking investment opportunities. Business interests in Russia.. In… Read more →

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Robert and Heather Gresham, of Severna Park, and their newborn baby Penelope, get their new shoes from June Brouse, Clinical Director of the Mother and Baby Unit. In honor of local Olympian Matt Centrowitz’s 1500 meter gold medal win in the 2016 Rio games Nike has donated baby athletic shoes to newborns at the Anne Arundel Medical Center. (By Paul… Read more →

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He carefully marks out an 11 square foot patch and, with gloved hands, catalogues each bit of plastic he finds, meticulously reporting the data to the environmental group Thames21. On Aug. 20, for example, he and other volunteers found an average of 31 food wrappers, the sticks from 29 cotton swabs, 12 bottle tops and about 100 pieces of small… Read more →