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The padayatra sets off through narrow Bazaar Street, with an auto rickshaw fitted with a loudspeaker acting as the pilot. Nilekani waves and smiles at passersby and even poses for pictures with toddlers, like a seasoned politician. After some time, he climbs into a white Mahindra Thar decorated with the Congress symbols and his picture, from which he stands and… Read more →

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Hot on the heels of last week’s victory over Michigan and Virginia in the annual triangular meet where an astounding 23 personal records were broken, the Cal track and field team will look to keep the fast times going across the Bay this Saturday versus No. 17 ranked Stanford for the Big Meet. History, with Cal’s men’s team leading the… Read more →

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Ya if you go to the Fayetteville Observer website and see a different picture of these girls, you might have a different view of how short the skirts really are. Theendoftheroad is right, there are no shorts under the skirts, only elastic around the top of the legs. In the picture on the FO website, it shows one cheerleader jumping… Read more →

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The teenager was described as white, about 5 foot 8 and with close shaven hair. Showed a note to the teller demanding money and intimated he had a weapon, then left with the cash. The man was described as in his mid 20s, medium build with short dark hair, clean shaven and about 5 foot 10. Payne was asked about… Read more →

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For his part, Public Citizen Weissman agrees BP liability from the spill may be far greater than the impact of a boycott. But he points out that, as the leak continues, the boycott become more consequential than it appears at first blush. He predicts that the consumer protest will only further damage the BP brand, something the company spent years… Read more →

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Rapid technical advancement in motion sensors has improved the results of wireless and wearable devices. Wireless Health and Fitness Devices Market is driven mainly due to increasing prevalence of different lifestyle diseases such as diabetes which requires continuous monitoring and has increased the use of wireless devices in sports analytics. According to WHO, in 2014 more than 8.5% of global… Read more →

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Following the suspension, Solo wrote on her blog that she had taken the time to work on herself and issues that were vexing her. Team’s World Cup opener against Australia raised new questions about the assault and reignited the controversy. I think it was something a long time ago and we’ve put it to bed.”. “It’s basically the person who… Read more →

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UNDER ARMOUR’S ATHLETE RECOVERY SLEEPWEAR: Training hard can take a major toll on your body. Thesn PJs use print technology on the inside to reflect far infrared, which claims to help your body recover faster and promotes a better night sleep. They’re also super soft and comfy. “In life, I’m always out there and always sharing information. About what running… Read more →