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Nike bases were relatively obscure facilities with small structures on the surface, such as barracks and sentry guardhouses, and missiles stored underground. Each site had 105 to 115 officers and enlisted men. During the day, military police and guard dogs patrolled the bases, and at night, the dogs were sometimes allowed to roam the launch areas.. To be sure, Elizabeth… Read more →

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As it stands now, theTax Cuts and Jobs Act wouldpermanently lower the corporate tax rate to 20%, increase the standard deduction for individuals and households and eventually repeal the estate tax. And some Republicans have already voiced opposition Rep. Lee Zeldin of New Yorktweetedthat he plans to vote against the bill in its current form because of its elimination of… Read more →

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Still, when it comes to each skater’s performance, the road to achievement is a solitary one. “It’s something totally unique to skateboarding,” Cole says of the self taught, self propelled skaters. “All of the athletes who are out there, they’ve never had a coach.” Fear, Cole says, is a big motivator. “People love it,” says Bellamy. “It’s a wonderful story,… Read more →

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“It took me a while to grasp what Coach Hunt was saying,” Shreeves said Monday after his sophomore Mark Doyley had swept the 100 and 200 meter dashes in the State Open championships at Willow Brook Park. “I was stunned. I couldn’t process it until I talked to Daundre’s mom. Under that plan, officials would have borrowed $54.45 million, used… Read more →

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Gumby’s own story is one of an eccentric and magnetic African American who curated his scrapbooks with care and attention. Born in Maryland, he made his way to Harlem around 1904, working in a variety of jobs, such as bellhop, butler and postal clerk, which helped subsidize his interest in the arts. Many of these guests left items for inclusion… Read more →

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The shoes have a place in the history as well. Available in online stores in varied designs, colors and discounted prices, these shoes can now be easily bought by those who are on a low budget as well. Authentic cheap Jordans are now easily available in the market in stores offering good quantity discounts.. Tribe games on STO are averaging… Read more →

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I find it quite interesting that this is the result of a patent infringement lawsuit against another company. Looks like (maybe not true, but looks like) the other company drudged up this as a way of fighting against Vibram patent lawsuits against them. This means that money was the only motive in this, especially since the other company was obviously… Read more →