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It is far too often that the individuals who need assistance the most are the ones who don know about programs like LIHEAP,” said Bryan Batson, president of Chattanooga Gas. Department of Health and Human Services. The state of Tennessee reported more than 125,000 households in Tennessee received LIHEAP funds in 2011.In addition to applying for heating assistance help, customers… Read more →

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“He sticks mainly to phone components, bulk wire, that sort of thing,” says Radio Shack sales associate Scott Roberts. “Nice kid. Never gives his address.”At precisely 3:20 every afternoon Tollefsen bounds out of Building 8 into the back seat of a company Lexus LS 400 and is driven to Microsoft’s unofficial watering hole, a Red Robin restaurant a mile from… Read more →

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I like a good water cooler argument. Again, my argument is that Rambo would have been a fine pick but I cannot agree that there’s an easy/obvious/strong case to switch out Ben Reeves in favor of Rambo. Yale played enough strong teams and Reeves did well against those teams and against the great goalies he faced to neutralize the strength… Read more →

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It is better to be cautious with vitamin C and avoid taking the vitamin alone in high doses for prolonged periods of time. This antioxidant vitamin can become harmful in the presence of other antioxidants, due to complex biochemical mechanisms. It best to look for a supplement that combines vitamin C with vitamins E, A, zinc and selenium, always in… Read more →