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Research 16 March 2018 OpenRights permissionsfor article FYVE domain containing protein ZFYVE28 regulates EGFR signaling in podocytes but is not critical for the function of filtration barrier in mice . Opens in a new window. Preclinical models of kidney dysfunction. St. Bonaventure’s Idris Taqqee had a career high 13 rebounds with two blocks. Bonaventure, which set a school record for… Read more →

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Explosive human population growth, industrial activity and exploitation of natural resources are rapidly pushing many species off the map. Burning of fossil fuels in particular has had an effect, raising the air’s CO2 level more than 40 percent in just 200 years a pace possibly as fast, or faster, than that of the End Triassic. Resulting temperatures increases now appear… Read more →

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I enjoyed the cultural humour and drama and was amazed that similar issues we face here in Canada are also encountered in their society, such as affairs, betrayals, divorce, political and religious differences, etc. I learned about arranged marriages with cousins, a practice that is still common in Arab speaking countries and in Turkey. The stories, I was told by… Read more →

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This pizza joint is one of New York’s best kept secrets, and a reason tourists make the trek out to Staten Island. “I have a couple from Australia that comes every year on their way from the airport,” says Michael Burk, owner of Denino’s and stepson of Carl Denino, who first turned the restaurant into a pizzeria in the 1950s.… Read more →

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But, I think there was some common sense missing here. Should have played, state saysHayes hijab shouldn have kept her from playing, the state high school sports ruling body said after the fact.the officials made a strict interpretation of the National Federation of State High Schools playing rules for basketball instead of the spirit of the rule designed to ensure… Read more →

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Next week, Meherin is taking his flag waving on the road. Meherin is making the trek up to Seattle to watch the Seahawks play the Los Angeles Rams his favorite opponent for the Hawks on Thursday Night Football. Meherin plans to make a few stops along the way to wave the flag from freeway overpasses.. We deployed, everybody ivories were… Read more →

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When it comes to selecting their marketing partners, clients have become far savvier about their options and the kinds of structures that can help them get the best value for their money. That means a departure from a “one size fits all” model, selecting both large and small agencies for their roster. It’s becoming more the norm for my agency… Read more →