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We’re better than how we were playing early on. We were getting better every week, unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough to result in a win until this last week. I thought it was one of our most complete games, we beat a good football team, the San Diego Chargers. On Wednesday night, Masha came out of the gates looking completely… Read more →

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To achieve that, the bill would increase the statewide tax on tourist lodging from 1 percent to 2 percent and allow the state greater flexibility to spend the tourism tax revenue. State law currently requires the government to spend at least 80 percent of hotel tax revenues on tourism marketing. House Bill 4146 would allow the state to spend that… Read more →

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Not to start an argument here but Darien has beaten Manhasset, currently 15, New Canaan (currently 21?) who is their rival, obliterated Niskayuna and Yorktown who have both been ranked previously and are among top 30 teams, and dominated st Anthony’s who have been ranked highly, tho the score does not reflect how much they controlled the game. They will… Read more →

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That’s when both officers shot at Evans. Doyle, who was about 60 yards behind Evans, fired five times and Brown, about 100 yards behind Evans, fired three times. Evans was hit once in the left side and collapsed. Think they lighter and they seem very comfortable, she said. Think every time change happens, there some people that resist it. I… Read more →

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At that point, I really began to dig into this idea of how we could connect intelligently in today world. Together what we realized is that there is this underlying capacity what we call intelligence that anyone really can harness in today world. The key question today is not, do we obtain more networks and more connections? The key question… Read more →

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O que constitui uma vantagem desleal? O fundamento no explica. O texto desfruta que “todos os tipos de calados de luta devem ser aprovados pela Iaaf”. No entanto a Nike falou no estar informada a respeito de cada processo formal de aprovao e que os fabricantes de calados no costumam submeter seus modelos pra aprovao como procedimento regular. Arnt continues… Read more →

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The adult draw is a group of celebrity voices who apply themselves with loads of zeal but not much humor. The plot: at the Central Park Zoo, a motley group of jungle animals escape their comfortable surroundings. Do gooders believe the animals are aching to head back to Africa, but on the freighter there, a group of commando penguins hijack… Read more →

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1,200 people in Clatsop County worked at jobs that paid $9.25 per hour (Oregon minimum wage) or less during the third quarter (July September) of 2015. This was roughly 6 percent of the total workforce that quarter. Statewide, about 5 percent of the workforce makes minimum wage or less. Matthew Day: I am the Sports Marketing Finance Manager and I… Read more →

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Ocean Township’s Kenny Pickett, the junior Temple commit, was a top three quarterback, according to three of the quarterback coaches on site, despite missing out on the pressure chamber for the first time in the three Opening regional events he’s attended this year. Once again, Pickett displayed the footwork, poise and accuracy that have some calling him one of the… Read more →