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Electric cars typically have one of two problems: they either too expensive, or they have a too limited range. Tesla Model 3 aims to render both issues moot: it the buzziest in a series of $35,000 and up electric cars offering more than 200 miles of driving distance on a single charge (alongside the Chevrolet Bolt). Consumers are certainly intrigued:… Read more →

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“What The Hill is a legitimate contender,” Burke said. “He’s going to be able to race either way (from the front or behind) and puts himself in play and tends to always finish right on the wire with everybody else. I think two heats is an advantage for him. This year’s tournament will feature different sports themes each day. College… Read more →

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Typically, it’s leftists who denounce online bullying. But the left can be every bit as virulent and abusive as those who threaten women online for sport, especially women who write from a feminist point of view. Not as if we needed the reminder that we are often at our worst when we’re behind the keyboard.. “If he doesn’t play Augusta,… Read more →

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‘So, looking forward to the states, it was interesting to note that a Frederick County HS won the Md. 4a/3a title for the first time yesterday. Has anyone seen Albemarle or Battlefield play this year? How do they stack up? From some of the comparative scores, I don’t see them breaking the NR’s hold on the state title this year.… Read more →