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La designer Julie St Louis, qui travaille au Qubec au dveloppement des produits chez Merrell, trouve les chaussures Flyknit intressantes sur diffrents plans. Oui, ces chaussures sont lgres et elles respirent normment; elles reprsentent assurment une avance technologique. Par ailleurs, ce qui pourrait vraiment changer la donne pour Nike, c’est que cette technologie permet de rduire considrablement le nombre d’employs… Read more →

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From the start Winton, Donner, and Lorenzo realized the core of their strategy would be to bring out the Anglos. Thus Winton attended neighborhood association meetings from Morningside to Coconut Grove and stressed his platform: Improve city services and clean up the neighborhoods. Nothing earthshattering, but it played well with residents, who were fed up with overdevelopment in the Grove… Read more →

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Any achievement is worthwhile only if earned honestly and diligently.Like many students, I have eagerly awaited graduation, but today, lurking behind my excitement is the sadness to be leaving a community and environment that have fostered my personal and professional growth. Lifelong opportunities have been presented because of the MFE program. I cannot thank my mom, dad and family enough… Read more →

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These cases highlight the severity of lacerations that can result from tackles with boots fitted with blades. In the second case report, the blade was actually sharp enough to penetrate the leather uppers of the boot before lacerating the skin. Although stud injuries have presented to the emergency department for many years, we should be increasingly aware of the potential… Read more →

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The notion of having corporations involved with the Park Service actually predates even the policy. Railroads were one of the first corporations that were significantly involved in getting folks out to parks and building some of our first concessionaire stands, like restaurants or hotels. This kind of relationship with corporate America, or having the idea of corporations represented in parks,… Read more →