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From Oct. 7 11, 1970, some parts of northern Minnesota had over a foot of snow that even produced some road closures. A severe blizzard struck northern Minnesota on Oct. “My uncle always tells this story,” he said. “Elena was in third grade and you’d see this girl run out in the middle of halftime and timeouts (of Gene’s sixth… Read more →

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More successful we are, the more people know about us, Isles said. Become a lot bigger. People in the rugby community who know who I am, they stop by and want a picture, things like that. As with all art, the flag’s meaning is open to interpretation. Some wear it out of deep respect for God and country. Some wear… Read more →

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On the other hand, I could also see Madison Square Garden Corp. Looking at this and going, a publicly traded stock, why don I advertise my own stock ticker code here? And not pay for it, but just use it as an in kind and pay whatever the lowest value is, which would earn the end of the smaller market… Read more →

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Hey, there is some Cougar news today. Three Washington State players, were part of the major award watch lists released yesterday. Around the Pac 12, Utah is pretty happy with its secondary. Neither team had any team defense to speak of last year. Unless Broc and Bobby start recruiting from the goal out, their always going to be at risk… Read more →

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Second, as Coates and Humphreys point out in their paper, a reduction in public spending during a lockout can offset a drop in private spending. “If workers spend time discussing the outcome of last night’s game rather than devoting this time to job related activities, then those workers will be less productive, in terms of output produced per unit of… Read more →

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Remember, the great brands, Nike, Apple, and Starbucks were all small, fledgling companies at one time. But, each, in its own way, had a vision beyond its category. Becoming culturally relevant not only took vision, but also bravery, because it meant putting a stake in the ground and standing for something which can rub some the wrong way.. “There was… Read more →

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“I’ve seen Audrey play for years and what makes her different is that she really has a good work ethic,” Everglades coach Phil Schmalz said. “I know she practices on her own and she does the things necessary to get to the next level. She continues to improve, and it’s all based on her work ethic.”. The highest number of… Read more →

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It is definately not like a city that has thought this through and developed ‘express’ (and safe) options. (such as Chicago, DC, NY, Vanc BC, Singapore). I think Clackamas area is going to be pretty poorly served, so verify service to the specific location, and back out your options from there.. L’azienda globale gode dell’esonero fiscale, allo stesso modo della… Read more →

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In pinning high hopes on this production, Kool Aid is far from alone. All around him, it seems, ordinary folks are polishing their acting chops and buzzing about Tinseltown careers. Some have even picked up on film industry jargon, talking in terms of tracking shots and CGI (computer generated imagery), boom mikes and William Morris. It no secret I had… Read more →

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Stephen Camp, head of northern Alberta’s Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit.Flood of child porn leads to difficult choicesCamp’s staff of 14 police officers and civilian technicians last year worked through 467 cases involving child sexual abuse images. Some of it was absolutely ghastly, says Camp.”Just two weeks ago, there were two files that came through that were both child violent… Read more →