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In terms of the process that takes place when firms and external employees are eyeing each other for a possible matchup, Bidwell writes that the task can be difficult because each side often has incomplete information about each other. Firms struggle to evaluate the true qualities of applications, and workers struggle to know which of the jobs available will best… Read more →

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“My philosophy on the offensive end, I want flexible basketball players. I want versatile basketball players. I want basketball players that have great basketball IQs. A 10 year old girl wears size 12 pants, medium shirts, size 7 shoes, likes dolls and would like a bicycle. A 2 year old boy who wears 3T clothes and wants a bicycle. Mom… Read more →

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Graduated from Walt Whitman High in Bethesda, Md., in 1995 where she played basketball, field hockey and soccer. As a soccer player her freshman and sophomore years, she was named all county and honorable mention all state. She played field hockey for three years and was all county twice. And individuals were actually watching me like hawks for months after… Read more →

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The Jayhawks celebrated when they knocked down a Chuck Burkhart pass on Penn State’s two point conversion try with no time left. But, after having played four downs with 12 defenders, Kansas’ infraction was finally spotted by the officials. Penn State converted on the reprieve.. Also, unless you find butt crack sweat lines really sexy or only plan to do… Read more →

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Martin Jr. Is 42. He wears his father’s 1976 AL Championship ring on his left hand, and his father’s likeness all over him, right down to his prominent nose and skimpy mustache. Sophomore Steve Schroeder, from Monticello, was chosen as Patriot League Runner of the Week, after earning his first collegiate win Saturday for the Naval Academy. His 5 mile… Read more →