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That wasn’t the end of Reebok’s ’90s blunders. Later they signed on for a massive product placement deal with the movie Jerry Maguire, which obviously went on to become a classic. Score one for Reebok! Almost! See, a significant plot point in Jerry Maguire involved Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character clashing with a shoe company over sponsorship. Hopefully, next season I… Read more →

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The Cavs star has 11 endorsement contracts, including deals with Banana Republic, Chocolate Milk and SAXX Underwear. In 2015, Forbes estimated that Love made $4 million in endorsements, which ranked in the top 50 among the world’s 100 highest paid athletes. LeBron James was fourth, with an estimated $44 million in off court earnings.. Overall, i would need to test… Read more →

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Wenn man annahm, dass Curtice und seine Mannen sich nun auf ihren Lorbeeren ausruhten, irrte man sich gewaltig! Ganz im Gegenteil, man nderte nicht nur das Styling der 1937er Modelle, sondern feilte auch an der Technik. Es gab eine neue Karosserie, den sogenannten “B Body”, den sich Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile und Cadillac f r seine kleinere “Series 60” teilten. Selbstverst… Read more →

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It obtained similar protection for the last World Cup in Germany, in 2006, when 3,200 infringement cases were filed. Kulula is owned by Comair Ltd., a British Airways franchise. FIFA’s response was “over the top and heavy handed,” Heidi Brauer, the airline’s marketing director, said. 16th July 2014Fact: Once feuding stars Drake and Chris Brown have teamed up with basketball… Read more →