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This has been a busy fall for CASCA, ACURA, and the Coalition for Canadian Astronomy, with major lobbying efforts on behalf of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT). The three Coalition co chairs (Don Brooks representing ACURA, Guy Nelson representing industry, and myself representing CASCA) traveled to Ottawa on October 20 to meet with staff members in the offices of the… Read more →

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The body can soak up the calcium better should you also consider Vitamin C and Vitamin D supplements. These supplements not just play a role in bone development, but they also help with the assimilation of phosphates and manganese that are necessary for development. You can help to build up cartilage material and bones to increase your peak by taking… Read more →

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Obama was alternately caustic toward critics of the trade pact “They’re making this stuff up,” he said and conciliatory in acknowledging that past trade agreements helped speed the loss of American jobs overseas. Manufacturing if the Trans Pacific Partnership is approved. The promise of more jobs at one of the country’s most well known companies helped explain why the White… Read more →