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They women in high heels and flats and skirts, and men with suits and ties. So I figured they must gotten on a train, she said. Rey Center was created five years ago to take over management of the Reys summer cottage in Waterville Valley, where they were known for rescuing injured critters and entertaining local children. SOCAL No. 1… Read more →

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Because fencing is an individual sport, the fencer is solely responsible for their success or failure, which becomes a great lesson in responsibility and self assurance. The empowering nature of fencing helps build self confidence and self esteem. Being a member of a fencing club gives the fencer an opportunity to participate in a group setting, where friendships are made… Read more →

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Somewhere in there between Kruder Dorfmeister and Deadmau5, the news comes in: The Giants had beaten the Phillies in Game 1 of the NLCS. This fact is incredible to the point that stray fans shout things like “Cody Motherfucking Ross!” and random strangers jump up and high five. Entire portions of the crowd chant “Let’s Go Giants!” The timing is… Read more →

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Even Facebook’s plan to let users know about data leaks may put the onus on users to educate themselves. Zuckerberg said Facebook will “build a tool” that lets users see if their information had been impacted by the Cambridge leak, suggesting that the company won’t be notifying people automatically. Facebook took this kind of do it yourself approach in the… Read more →

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Make your job a little easier, New York Jets tight end Dustin Keller said. All could catch the ball without gloves, but with the grip on the gloves and with them somewhat serving as a layer of protection, I think wearing gloves is a no brainer. Players praised the equipment for keeping hands safe from injury in case they get… Read more →

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Takeaway: Obviously, word of mouth is and always will be a huge influencer of purchasing behavior but now it’s conveyed and fueled electronically more than face to face. People don’t just chat with neighbors over the fence anymore. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest are now the online enablers of word of mouth referrals and recommendations at… Read more →

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Investigators found three bodies on the rural Spartanburg County property. They had gone to the land on Nov. 3 to look for Brown and her boyfriend, 32 year old Charles Carver. Jordan Brannan (12.32.2) and Anthony Russo (12:46.6) went 2 3 for Colts Neck, who jammed 4 runners in the top 10. Runners of the day in boys competition were… Read more →

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The NFL is finally working with Nike to create some new, interesting, cool jerseys. Sadly they pairing them with pants and socks of the same color and it makes everyone look ridiculous. But hopefully, the Rush jerseys the NFL and Nike are debuting during Thursday Night Football this season and all of next season will allow for some franchises to… Read more →

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Ever more popular, content websites work by providing useful writing and then putting ads around it. That’s the whole business model in a nutshell, but it works surprisingly well. The more writing you can do (or get), the better it works for you. What Europe has is nothing like sufficient austerity to take them to a situation where they can… Read more →