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There are moments that seem transcendent in their lives a beautiful sunset, a football crowd filling a stadium with noise, or a moving piece of music. But the concept is worth defending. “Spirituality I take to refer to things that are not expressible in words. Realized next year wasn going to be any different. Adidas, one of Nike few rivals… Read more →

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I’m going to play Byron Nelson [in Irving, Texas) this week, then two weeks off and probably play the rest of the summer; I’ll play where they’ll have me,” McGovern said. Hopefully I’ll play 20 more tournaments this year and hopefully keep the card that way. Who knows, maybe I’ll even win one.”. The Texans’ offensive line remains depleted by… Read more →

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I belong to a generation that has been continually sold to, almost from birth. If someone had taken the time to videotape my life, in a Truman Show type of way, there would be less than a few hours of tape in which there were no brands on the screen. On my food, on my clothes, on the telly and… Read more →

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One small point, instead of burning his unwanted branded goods perhaps Neil Boorman could give them to a charity or recycle them instead. Burning them is such a waste and bad for the climate. Perhaps it might support Neil’s plan if his Gucci or Nike was recycled into something unbranded or was given to someone who just needs shoes/clothes of… Read more →

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Meanwhile, Navy has not gotten a bye week since Oct. 15 and will be playing a game for the eighth straight weekend. A scheduled bye week for Nov. Grandfather, Patrick Connolly, played lacrosse at Loyola College . Has an older sister, Lindsay . Born Feb. Over once I have actually provided a presentation on social networks advertising” as well as… Read more →

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(The recently opened Annex is located near the old Outland spot.) Outland Station’s venerable line of products remains intact. Displays reveal that this place still stays a step ahead, with items keyed to movies like Sin City and Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Twelve inch dolls of sadistic movie slashers Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface stand… Read more →

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Runners, both long distance and short distance, generally have large lung capacity, as do swimmers. Males tend to have a larger lung capacity than females. Taller people may have larger lung capacity than shorter people. In that case you should look in the neighborhood of Bethany, north of Hgy 26. There is a huge park under the power lines suitable… Read more →

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Let your inner baker go wild. Mix up any bread you like, white or wheat, roll it out, fill it with something inspiring and roll it up and bake it. It can be fruit, cheese, salsa, sauce, spices, veggies, candy whatever you are in the mood for. The new reserves may help billionaire Mukesh Ambani controlled Reliance reverse a three… Read more →

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The brand of basketball shoe, or football cleat, is like a gateway drug for college athletics. More often, they introduce the best players from high school, or an AAU team, to college. A Louisville Courier Journal story a few years ago found that more than half of the top 10 boys basketball recruits between 2011 and 2014 played for Nike… Read more →

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A bigger race helps bring in more dollars. But the field can’t keep expanding forever, so race organizers are working on turning the one day race into a full weekend of events. A new 5 kilometer race on Saturday already has drawn about 4,000 participants, said Paul Lambert, Bank of America’s Chicago market president.. Is that a. Guitar shop? Open… Read more →