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The motorcade travels from city to city in giant military cargo planes. Obama (code name: Renegade) is ferried around in a Cadillac limo known as “the Beast.” Besides defensive and offensive capabilities, the armor plated first ride is outfitted with a direct phone line to the Pentagon. It also carries bottles of the president’s blood in case he needs an… Read more →

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How much due diligence did you really put into the process? Exactly. That’s why we have graduate schools! College is a right of passage which, for better or worse, has been commoditized to the point where even the Ivies have lost their luster and cachet. Let’s not think of it as cultural malfeasance when a college coach wants to award… Read more →

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“The response in recruiting has been great,” he said Monday. “It’s the brand players want to be in. It is. In the first quarter, worldwide sales rose 29.1 percent to $432.2 million, from $334.8 million the year before. Sales rose 12.8 percent in the United States to $220.8 million, and 58.4 percent to $203.4 million outside the country. But the… Read more →

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Small things. Trivial things. Mostly, it’s an endeavor in staying awake fueled only by the single minded desire to get a hot shower and rack time after.. That kind of social activism takes on special significance during an election year, when politicians are careful to distance themselves from companies seen as less than honest. There’s been increasing attention to this… Read more →

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On November 2 and 3 2017, we held a workshop on the topic of Indigenous astronomy at the University of Toronto. The workshop was sponsored by the Centre for Indigenous Studies, the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy Astrophysics and the Department of Astronomy Astrophysics. The purpose of the two day workshop was to bring together astronomers, educators and Indigenous scholars from… Read more →

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I was little, I couldn go out and play with the older men, he said. I just practice my short game for about four hours every Sunday. 6 feet tall and 230 pounds, Tyler has a big physical presence but manages to keep his emotions in check. Selling is a “HURT’EM and HEAL’EM” process. No matter what you sell. After… Read more →

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The Nike Dunks were really intended for the basketball players. Nike had the shoes designed with a lower profile outer sole compared to the previous shoes. The objective was to offer shoes that are lighter in weight, closer to ground, and equipped with better paneling for improved performance. England is where the habit first caught on in sport, in the… Read more →

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With the chain tool (or a hammer) you can push out and push in the pins, allowing you to remove or attach links. Fixing a broken chain amounts to removing the broken link and re attaching the remaining ends. On bikes with derailleurs there’s enough extra links that you can remove a couple without a problem. Each week, over 260… Read more →

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Big clubs mean big players and big attention too. One of Les’s career highlights was Manchester City’s 6 1 derby win at Old Trafford in 2011 with Mario Balotelli centre stage and dressed in a compression shirt which asked the watching world “Why Always Me?”. How did that all come about for the controversial Italian?. Oct. Oct. 16: five pairs… Read more →

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There will be means for purchasers to receive delivery of certificates by Dec. 24. Only individuals (including spouses as joint tenants) will be able to purchase shares; individuals can purchase shares as a gift for other individuals. But if it works, you can deploy worldwide.” Birgersson, who says he has ideas for other companies in the works, is convinced his… Read more →