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Warning: This is a smelly and fumy project. The leather deglazer in particular gives off some quite noxious fumes. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area, away from any flames. Skepsis ist sicher angebracht. Flash eignet sich kaum zur tagesaktuellen Arbeit. Es ist sehr aufwndig damit grere Specials zu programmieren.. Zakiya Saunders had 20 points to lead… Read more →

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You see them in the streets, on TV, in universities, running businesses, working in the government, and serving in the parliament (in fact Afghanistan has more women in its parliament than Canada does). There is a strong women’s movement, with lots of outspoken activists. Attitudes towards the role of women are changing among men. Incidentally, Delhi was one of the… Read more →

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Perhaps the book most affecting chapter, “A Feathered Serpent in Burberry Shades,” recounts Hernandez adventures with his late friend, the designer and “semi androgynous party boy” Quetzalcoatl Rangel Sanchez. “You dealing with real histories here and real traumas and real violence and real loss,” Hernandez said. So how has his Mexico City sojourn physically changed him? Hernandez pointed to a… Read more →