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At Dalhousie University where TRU’s new president Dr. Alan Shaver last resided chancellor Fred Fountain is a local lawyer and fundraiser active in the arts community. What they have in common and what TRU’s next chancellor Wally Oppal doesn’t is that they aren’t household names, and they have strong ties either to the university itself or to the region it… Read more →

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Bahari Shaquille Warren, 25, was charged with two felony counts of cruelty to children early on Wednesday after the car crash in Norcross, Georgia, on the northeast outskirts of Atlanta. Police said that Warren was driving north on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard when she crossed into the oncoming lanes and ran off the road, hitting the pole. ‘She was telling us… Read more →

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When he chooses to discharge the energy in this manner, it’s like he’s throwing around plasma energy. The heat at which theyre discharged can be controlled by Alex. Contrary to popular belief, Alexs plasma blasts are not concussive in force. The environmentally sustainable campus in a onetime industrial area has no walls or gates, and its publicly accessible green spaces… Read more →