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Since he was a child, Simon Morris has been obsessed with making objects float in midair. At one point he even managed to turn a skateboard into a hoverboard, though as he recalls it, couldn ride on it. Now he applying that same passion to Flyte, a lightbulb that relies on electromagnetism to levitate and spin, and on resonant inductive… Read more →

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Bill Gates became the wealthiest person in the world. The corporation he started, Microsoft, controls more than 90 percent of the world’s software market, not including the freeware portion. (It’s almost a shame he didn’t try to patent freeware. Based at Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike SB is obsessed with finding new ways to support the skateboarder by championing… Read more →

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Onyali: [laughs] You got it right. It’s no longer a big deal. That is because of the kind of personality I am. Brady dad was the link from Coach Hayes and Brady knew Bo from being an assistant here. He was able to be mentored by those two legendary coaches and is shows with him being an excellent coach. Coach… Read more →

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Teleflora: “Give and Receive”As much as female ads have changed, so much has remained the same. While the flirtatious flight attendants were grounded years ago and the stereotypical housewife ads have been put out with the trash, women, in many cases, are still portrayed simply as sex objects. Consider this 2012 Super Bowl spot from Teleflora starring Adriana Lima, who… Read more →

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“Drive Nation’s vision of providing total student athlete performance training, skills development and emotional wellness, leadership and character programs is now open to amateur athletes throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area,” said O’Neal, founder of Drive Nation. “The ultimate goal is to develop kids for college. We are excited to be right at the Airport where we can easily reach… Read more →

Nike 360 Libretto

Oh, and adding arrests for prostitution probably gooses the stats for the non tackle side of the study.Still, for a league that has suffered with tight ends who think the shot gun formation actually involves putting a bullet in someone, and running backs who think elevators are dandy places for a cage match with their lady friends, the study does… Read more →

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“Generally, if you divided the influences into major categories, I couldn’t overstate the significance of hip hop in the mainstream culture since the ’80s . Parallel cultures from different eras are the jazz and drug cultures, where new slang words are not really new at all.” Mr. Pitoniak cited an example of what he calls “the Big Three,” or slang… Read more →