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The grand prize was a large rosette ribbon and a gift basket containing Hounds and Harriers merchandise and a gift certificate for a pair of Brooks running shoes. Placement prizes the other winners received included a custom designed show ribbon donated by Morris Animal Inn, and a custom calendar with photos of the Hounds and Harriers Run. In addition to… Read more →

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The term hacking is used loosely, as there is no skill in searching for insecure download pages, but the effect can still be devastating. You could lose thousands of dollars. With the download guard in place, even if the whole world knows the URL of your thankyou page, they won be able to download your products. However, I am now… Read more →

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1 picks. All told, 55 players have been selected among the first 10 draftees. Mayo).. The sixth restaurant in the locally owned chain opened earlier this summer. It the largest of all the Gecko restuarants at 10,000 square feet, and offers a patio overlooking a pond area. The restaurant is located on Fruitville Road not far from I 75, behind… Read more →

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I moved from Fort Lee to Mahwah and haved lived here for several years now. For me, personally, it was a culture/geography shock, but that’s just me. So, Mahwah is nice. Flash is a software program that creates cool and jazzy special effects and animation to make your website attractive. There are some websites that have Flash elements included in… Read more →

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Set to play that first day? The St. Louis Eagles, featuring Illinois recruiting targets Jordan Goodwin and Tim Finke, and Mac Irvin Fire with Illini signee Da’Monte Williams and targets Justin Smith and Christian Negron.Goodwin got bumped to the 17U Eagles squad last season and helped lead them to the Peach Jam finals, while Finke is a new addition this… Read more →

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Benson (who certainly became an even greater embarrassment once the Soap butler turned governor character came into existence) took the low road of party boy and hot rod enthusiast. He was famously slighted in his father’s will, which left him plenty of money, but didn’t allow him any voting rights in connection with his Ford stock, probably so he couldn’t… Read more →

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He had others lie directly to the Postal Service on his behalf. He made countless public statements on television and to print reporters . False statements perpetuating his lie that he wasn’t doping.”. At 32, but looking young enough to be in “Gossip Girl,” Sealey holds the title of “creative director,” the chamber’s first. He’s pulling down $110,760 a year… Read more →

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Ironically, that was about the same time actual arches were disappearing from stores, as the company expanded and remodeled old stores. Most arches were gone from McDonald’s locations by the end of the 1960s, but the Golden Arches of the logo remained. In fact, they’ve become such an icon that they’ve hardly been altered since 1968, and are easily recognized… Read more →

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Ils commettent des carnages en son nom. On veut l’interroger. Il ne peut pas se drober. New York is at the nexus of the probe into bribery and fraud regarding recruiting arrangements. Several of the accused parties trace their roots to city bandboxes. One is a former director of the Gauchos AAU program in the Bronx; another is the son… Read more →