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LIDS retail stores offer officially licensed and branded headwear of collegiate teams, major professional sports teams, as well as other specialty fashion categories in the latest styles and colors. LIDS Locker Room is a mall based retailer of sports headwear, apparel, accessories, and novelties which also operates under the Sports Fan Attic and Sports Avenue retail concepts. Most LIDS and… Read more →

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Zuckerberg is part of the last generation of human beings who will remember life before the Internet, though only just. Z’s slogan was, and is, “We cater to cowards.” Mark has three sisters, the eldest of whom, Randi, is now Facebook’s head of consumer marketing and social good initiatives. It was a supportive household that produced confident children. We didn… Read more →

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Don’t be afraid to get creative with your hiring processes. Seriously, you won’t regret it. Paul has helped launch million dollar brands, and executed campaigns for Lowe’s and Nike. Williamson star spangled blue cleats with red and white striped Nike swooshes were airbrushed by True Blue Customs in Lexington, Ky. They feature the words Forget and on the back of… Read more →

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The foregoing help to define brand categories, you will discover that other factors come into play as you craft your positioning. Strategic issues, bottom line demands, the competitive landscape, cultural and political issues, the state of the economy also figure. It is important to clearly understand the underlying sense of any brand promise as you calculate the universe into which… Read more →