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Marine Corps, and served in Korea where he worked in aviation electronics with the First Marine Airwing. Dominic worked on military related engineering projects at Bell Labs including the Safeguard and Nike Zeus Anti Ballistic Missile Systems in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974 he was transferred to Illinois and worked on developing technology for mobile phones. ‘When I talked… Read more →

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And those balls, in the bad old days, were once hand sewn by children in Third World sweatshops. But what do you get when you deconstruct a soccer ball cut the stitching, separate the hexagonal panels, and pull out the bladder? For German artist Heidi Hinrichs (who also divides her time in Seattle), the results can be decorative, useful, or… Read more →

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Wheaties maker General Mills (Fortune 500) said it had no comment on its post Olympics plans. Stars on boxes of Wheaties. Two years ago, General Mills had Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Seth Wescott appear on Wheaties boxes after they won gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Long time journalist Mark Di Vincenzo wrote The New York Times… Read more →

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Might be more of a volunteer assistant type thing. Maybe a coach who planned to take a year off, but could be of help. Not sure who that might be or what position they will fill. To noon on Monday, Nov. 7. A smaller number of stations will be open the second weekend, Saturday, Nov. Alles, was sie anpackt, scheint… Read more →

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1979’s Secret Omen, featuring a disco fied re visiting of Cardiac Arrest’s “Find My Way” and the magnificently funky and slightly loony “I Just Want to Be” (a number three R chart hit), was stacked with fine album cuts and brought Cameo back as a group that excelled in the LP format. “Sparkle” was one of their best ballads, a… Read more →

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On October 31, 1917, the Anzacs played a significant role in the Battle of Beersheba, a legendary battle in the Palestine and Sinai campaign of WWI, which was a turning point in the victorious war against the Ottoman Empire. New Zealand soldiers are buried in the Commonwealth war graves at Beersheba where our Governor General has just attended a commemoration… Read more →

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I coached Zo. I coached Patrick Ewing. And I coached Shaquille. If you present a compelling enough of a case, in favor of Info Barrel, the chances are highly likely that your readers will join it as well. Creatively slide in your Info Barrel referral link, and you can earn 2% lifetime Google Adsense revenue share on their articles, as… Read more →

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Juno, which has slipped into its temporary shut down mode several times since its launch in 2011, aims to shed light on Jupiter’s origin, atmosphere and core. As Nature went to press, engineers were still trying to restore communications.Mars lander site A NASA spacecraft may have spotted the remains of Schiaparelli, the European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) missing Mars lander. Two… Read more →

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Whenever he wants to go, I’m always up for going. Sometimes I joke with him about it, saying we can’t work out like we used to. But he keeps me young because he always keeps me working hard and he wants to do more and more and more.”. The spinning room has black walls with neon decoration (how awesome is… Read more →