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Marine Corps, and served in Korea where he worked in aviation electronics with the First Marine Airwing. Dominic worked on military related engineering projects at Bell Labs including the Safeguard and Nike Zeus Anti Ballistic Missile Systems in the 1960s and 1970s. In 1974 he was transferred to Illinois and worked on developing technology for mobile phones. ‘When I talked… Read more →

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And those balls, in the bad old days, were once hand sewn by children in Third World sweatshops. But what do you get when you deconstruct a soccer ball cut the stitching, separate the hexagonal panels, and pull out the bladder? For German artist Heidi Hinrichs (who also divides her time in Seattle), the results can be decorative, useful, or… Read more →

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Wheaties maker General Mills (Fortune 500) said it had no comment on its post Olympics plans. Stars on boxes of Wheaties. Two years ago, General Mills had Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White and Seth Wescott appear on Wheaties boxes after they won gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Long time journalist Mark Di Vincenzo wrote The New York Times… Read more →

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Might be more of a volunteer assistant type thing. Maybe a coach who planned to take a year off, but could be of help. Not sure who that might be or what position they will fill. To noon on Monday, Nov. 7. A smaller number of stations will be open the second weekend, Saturday, Nov. Alles, was sie anpackt, scheint… Read more →

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That’s right; the NFL collects untold millions each year from sales of pink this and pink that, and keeps 90 goddamn percent of it. Of course, they dress it up in such a way that it looks like they make almost nothing, but that takes some creative accounting. To hear them explain it, they donate 90 percent of all merchandise… Read more →

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The three men quickly left the bank heading south towards Trinity.”Kaspar said Trinity was far as the men got before deputies and police officers spotted them. She said one of the bank employees had followed the purple car the men had left the bank in and had noticed that the men had switched to a red car.alerted law enforcement, who… Read more →

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“Everyone agreed we would not deface the Reebok on the award uniform,” said Jordan, who had been saying for weeks he wouldn’t wear the Reebok uniform. “The American flag cannot deface anything. That’s what we stand for. Think back to 1968, when UCLA Houston was the first regular season college basketball game televised nationally in prime time. It was a… Read more →

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Most of the BikeShare stations are in close proximity to affordable housing units, as well. Of the 13,000 affordable housing units in the service area, 90 percent are within a quarter mile of a BikeTown station. BikeShare is “powerful in bringing new people to bicycling,” Hoyt McBeth said.. All MIAA was posted on the Conference website today. In all of… Read more →

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He also posted a photo on his Twitter account of himself and Hilliard that suggested the idea of both of them becoming Buckeyes. Edward was the MVP of the running back group. He was there with his brother David, who did well with the defensive backs. The top seeds have won five of the last six championships, and 10 of… Read more →

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Premium sound and comfort comes at a premium price. While you can get a conventional hearing aid for a few hundred dollars, the CAMISHA produced models range from about $1,000 $3,000 per device. (Mikhak et al, 2002, no page) Their solution is for communities to have Fab Labs, containing collaboratively owned digital fabrication technology, with which community groups can be… Read more →