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And here’s how it played out: The clip opens with a concerned Hutton reflecting on the plight of the Tibetan people. “The people of Tibet are in trouble, their very culture in jeopardy,” he David Attenboroughs, accompanied by sad orchestration and heart rending images of innocent children flashing across the screen. Then, before you can hear all about how the… Read more →

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“Though the match ended in three and a half days, the awareness of the Star Sports refresh [new channels] was still 90%,” he said. “If you used other methods TV communication and other media venues it would have taken a much longer period. So this is a very interesting way to use sporting assets to build brands.”. In social terms,… Read more →

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On June 3, the UCLA Anderson Forecast quarterly economic outlook presents Tech and the California Economy: Is the Future in the Code? A panel of experts from academe, government agencies, industry and the media will discuss the information age and how it may or may not be democratizing society. Read keynote speaker Scott A. McGregor post on keeping pace with… Read more →

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Has a list. I don even have a list, Embree said. Very indecisive. It’s important because a broad match for “accounting firms” might be triggered when someone searches for “accounting services”. It also can be triggered when someone misspells a word, such as “accounting firms”. The danger is that Google may decide that “Accounting Supplies” is a close enough match… Read more →

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In 1950, Sir Henry Tizard, the Chief Scientific Adviser in the Ministry of Defence (MOD), became intrigued by newspaper stories about UFO sightings. Sir Henry told MOD officials that the subject shouldn be dismissed without first undertaking a proper scientific study. A small committee was set up at his urging. The ratio of 1,000 to 1 is insane. Is it… Read more →

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Thus, any other form of marketing, sales and advertising will only result to insights on how the market reacts to different beverage innovation and limited insights on how the market reacts to other marketing programs especially on customer retention programs.Base studies are very important in establishing trends and analysing possible market reaction to certain marketing programs (Hatton, 2000). For a… Read more →