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Tampa is one of those areas we’re looking at, since we’re aware of its growth and the number of small businesses there. I would like to have a permanent presence there, and that’s what we’re working toward. Florida has been one of our pilot states over that last few years. Reebok’s 10 year, $250 million deal expires in April of… Read more →

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In talking to the players, they have only positive things to say about the coaches. Nothing negative.”They’re not regretting anything about the recruiting process and their decisions.”The article states that “the same thing is also true about the Fighting Irish,” and it points out that South Bend is 90 miles from Fort Wayne.”The recruits there that are committed to both… Read more →

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Of course I watch MSNBC and read The Nation but the rest of you guys only seem to want to report the actual, unvarnished news. The liberal media need something like Fox News. Fair and balanced in the diametrically opposite direction. See the Hemp University, visit Bruce Perlowin personal Facebook page, Oct. 30th, 24th 29th and Jul. 1st 10th, 2017.)5.… Read more →

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They’re on TV every week to 170 countries. They’re as worldwide as you can expect to be for a sports enterprise. The Korean plant had 700 800 employees two decades ago. One of the bodies has even accused the government of “moving on expected lines to sell the country”. “BMS opposes NITI Aayog proposal to close sick PSUs. BMS demands… Read more →