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Study measured arrest rates for total crime, property crime, violent crime and public order crime, including arrests for drug and alcohol offences, prostitution and disorderly conduct. What it didn do was indicate whether NFL players were more often involved in domestic abuse cases.And, there are other factors that make these kind of comparisons fallible; such as how many 20 something… Read more →

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A big question for the group is whether it can convince institutions to share their most meaningful data. “The mission is unquestionably worthy,” says cardiologist Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute in La Jolla, California, which has not yet considered joining the alliance. But, he adds, “it means taking the walls down, and that’s tricky because you’ve… Read more →

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The expression ‘blue moon’ originated since a handful of times that HAS ACTUALLY occurred, the moon in fact PERFORMED appear with a shade from blue. Lots of in the United States space community, like moon astronaut Neil Armstrong, are actually annoyed by Obama’s plans to strengthen help for personal room providers as well as leave an over budget NASA moon… Read more →