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Newmont Mining Corp. Morgan following the company higher third quarter earnings, dividend and production forecast.Analyst John Bridges, who also raised his target price on the stock to US$43 from US$41, also cited Newmont recently completed sale of the Batu Hijau mine in Indonesia.feel Newmont has been one of the most successful of the major miners in not just reducing balance… Read more →

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Iran, which just witnessed an uprising by its own people, demanding that Tehran spend its money at home, not in Syria, is subcontracting the ground war that Russia subcontracted to Iran to Iran’s proxies Hezbollah and various Shiite mercenaries from Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Special Forces are arming and advising Kurdish fighters from northern Syria to carry out the ground… Read more →

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One dog is a female pit bull that is black and white and wears a bright pink collar. The other dog is a male golden retriever puppy that wears a blue collar. Both dogs are friendly, according to a missing person flyer.. “It represents twisted priorities and confused values.” Invoking Nike advertising slogan, Morial urged parents and the company, “Just… Read more →

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Yes, this is the season for glitter and snowmen but, save your sexy top and holiday cardigan for celebrations with loved ones and family. Remember that what you wear guides people glances on our body. Your clothing choices, even for a non official work event, influence others’ perception of your professional competence.. Bill O is the man following the legendary… Read more →

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Annapolis Striders Vice President for Administration Eric Grevin talked with Striders’ cross country coach Rod Jacobo about sponsoring a team of standout club members for this year’s girls regional competition in on Nov. 28. They looked at how other regional teams were constituted and agreed that it would be a fine experience for young cross country runners to have on… Read more →

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It’s a really interesting observation as this is what Nike is probably trying to avoid. I still believe the strategy is sound, but Brands will need help when trying to establish “credibility”. Morrissey goes on to say:”it’s hard b/c authenticity doesn’t come naturally”Given Brian’s background which is more informed than mine (as a non runner), I’d say the missed opportunity… Read more →