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In 2011, after losing re election, Inglis went full time into promoting free enterprise action on climate change and in 2012 launched the Energy and Enterprise Initiative (E at George Mason University. E is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt, educational effort that lives to demonstrate the power of accountable free enterprise. By creating a level playing field in which all costs… Read more →

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Kentner coaches volleyball and track and field at Bismarck Henning. A third sibling, Shelly, also survives.”He inspired my brother and I to be competitive in sports,” Kentner said. “He was always at all our athletic events and my sister’s plays.”Dave Johnson has coached the Lakers for 15 seasons. Reynold Brown/MGM via Wikimedia Commons 1958: The movie “Cat on a Hot… Read more →

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“I was really looking forward to it. This is my last year,” said Ishimura, who did not lose more than three games in any match. “It a whole different level there, a lot higher. From food to culture to shopping, downtown San Rafael is clearly trying to stay ahead of the pack, and that’s what Marinites expect. It’s surprising, lucky… Read more →

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But barefoot training remains controversial. Many podiatrists cringe at the notion of unshod feet pounding the pavement, where the risks include cuts, bruises and unsanitary conditions. If we want to mimic barefoot running, shoes should come with broken glass and twigs, says Stephen M. When it started, everything seemed so fast and I was thinking so much. It slowed me… Read more →

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These elements feature in most of my recent work, either through the exploration of collaborative design methods, provence and making in material and product design or social networking and communal action for sustainable development and planning. Our Doorsteps Local Design Activism curates, maps and applies emerging methodologies that utilise community and locality to form more meaningful and sustainable products and… Read more →

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Some long track skaters worried that a mesh panel in the back of the suit designed as a vent for “breathability” was creating drag. Speedskating, told The Baltimore Sun recently. “By an incredibly narrow margin, they said they’d rather go back to the World Cup suits. I thought the analysis of the Lebron James ad was very insightful, providing the… Read more →