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And he did. Way scribbled topics on his Omni Richmond Hotel notepad and helped satisfy the team’s trivia craving for the remainder of camp while serving as the Redskins’ resident Alex Trebek. By the start of the regular season, trivia had become as popular an activity among players as ping pong, with questions ranging from the top grossing Leonardo DiCaprio… Read more →

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With the survey, Minnesota Lake Superior Coastal Program hopes to get a snapshot of people impressions of the quality and quantity of public accesses up and down the coast. In addition, the Coastal Program expects to learn about the visitation habits of Minnesota residents and tourists and the types of activities they participate in while on the coast. Unlike other… Read more →

Nike Vapor 3 Wood For Sale

T shirts? Bill Rodger’s has them. Running pants? Check. Boston Marathon embroidered jackets? They’ve got them, too. The basic information presented in this article about how to identify vintage Nike clothing can help you make money. For many pickers, vintage Nike clothing is still a lucrative market alongside vintage Hawaiian shirts, vintage Levis and vintage Levi jackets. The retro and… Read more →