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Washington Timbers executive director Sean Janson said the incident occurred early on the morning of Aug. 27, when people thought to be of middle school or high school age entered the park.The vandals broke one of the Cascade Little League building’s windows, knocked over some portable outhouses and slashed sponsor banners and signs around the park.”Just stupid junior high stuff”… Read more →

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Dec. 16, 2016: Alberta Environment slaps Cherokee with an enforcement order demanding a new sampling plan for the berm in Parcel Y, along with adjacent areas to determine if any hazardous substances had migrated. The order also mandates a tight schedule over the following months to complete the sampling, create a remedial action plan, and conduct remediation.. Less than two… Read more →

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Seems harmless enough, right? Sadly, the damage is worse than you think. A culture built on hyper consumerism is one in which people will do anything to get what they want. This includes behaving dishonestly in their business pursuits and stepping on anyone who keeps them from reaching their financial goals. VA 07: This district that includes Richmond suburbs has… Read more →