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“I wouldn’t be doing anything but sitting at home and playing in some horrible runs (pickup games) in Phoenix,” said Jefferson, who is single and doesn’t buy that a player with a family would need to be home all offseason. “This is your job. You can spend three weeks with your family do what you have to do and then… Read more →

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Jennifer Steinkamp, UCLA Design Media Arts professor employs new media to create projection installations in order to explore ideas about architectural space and phenomenological perception. Steinkamp was the J. Paul Getty Artist in Residence, Getty Artist program in 2010 11 and represented the United States at the 11th Cairo International Biennale in Egypt (2008). Once harboring a thriving community of… Read more →

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For those that prefer to use the online method for a printable sign language alphabet chart, there are a few options out there. Both sites are available at no charge, making it a great resource to learn the basics of finger spelling. There are plenty of other sites out there for a free printable sign language alphabet, so do some… Read more →

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Buildings painted in psychedelic patterns are everywhere in Little Haiti. It’s an aesthetic philosophy that local artist Marcus Blake calls “tapenology.” Blake was born in Jamaica but moved to Miami at a young age. Though he’s never returned to his homeland, visions of lush green fields occasionally float back to him. All about thinking creatively, he said. Any fashion, things… Read more →

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Tim Ross, 6 1, 6 2; Alexander Woods d. Nicholas Gallagher, widhdrawal; Brant Switzler d. Ryan Hefter, 6 3, 6 1; Samuel Rudovsky d. My favorite athletes are Julian Edelman and Christian McCaffrey . My favorite TV show is “Big Bang Theory” . My first job was blacktop and asphalt . “That was really about step one, which was to… Read more →

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Lighter footfall. Barefoot runners tend to strike the ground with the front or middle section of the foot, which results in a lighter gait and fewer collision forces [source: Lieberman]. There are tons of nerve endings in the foot. You are absolutely incorrect in ypur assumption that I have a concealed carry permit, or even a gun. I have neither.… Read more →

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He fed, clothed and entertained them. He let them live in his house. The boys thought of Rhea as a father figure. (For the record, it was Bishop Mahoney against Thunder Bay in the consolation final.)Vancouver Notre Dame had been getting exceedingly rougher as its game against Ottawa St. Pius went on. Finally, after two Vancouver players had already been… Read more →