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In another finding, the study strengthens scientists’ ability to use tree rings to measure past climate. Since about 1950, tree ring widths in some northern locations have stopped varying in tandem with temperature, even though modern instruments confirm that temperatures are on a steady rise. As scientists looked for ways to get around the problem, critics of modern climate science… Read more →

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He is currently chair of CASCA Long Range Plan Implementation Committee, which is actively working to establish a framework for implementing and operating Canadian astronomical facilities in the coming decade.For more than four decades, Dr. John Hutchings has charted a course of excellence for Canadian astronomy, setting the highest standards in scientific achievements, technical contributions, and service to the community.… Read more →

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Vonn, the injured gold medalist who would have been UA’s biggest competitor in Sochi, tweeted her support for the company’s high tech performance gear without mentioning the speedskating fiasco unfolding in Sochi. Speedskaters were blaming what they believed to be design flaw in UA’s new competition suits for allegedly slowing them down in Sochi. ESPN’s Darren Rovell reported the team… Read more →

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The same principle of public nuisance designation has successfully been used to eliminate habitually rat infested properties and poorly kept sewage systems. It sounds like a perfect law to use against gangsters. It should allow the police to have a high suspicion of danger when they see gang members (out on bond for last week’s murder) circling locations in the… Read more →