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“Everything is offshore now; very rarely do you walk into a company where everything happens under one roof. But all of it is done here,” said sales representative John Young, motioning to the 35 employees, many of them hunched over sewing machines. In the early days, Pro Knitwear represented jersey manufacturers but did not make uniforms. He doesn care where… Read more →

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Janelle Monroy, 41, was convicted on Thursday of 10 charges including murder, attempted murder and carjacking, and possessing an assault rifle. On Friday,Sacramento Superior Court Judge Steve White sentenced her to almost 50 years in jail after jurors rejected claims that she’d only gone along with her husbandLuis Bracamontes’s murderous scheme because she was terrified of him. Bracamontes, a Mexican… Read more →

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Is unbelievable for designing shafts. It makes us leaders in the industry, which again is cool for a shaft company in Kingston competing against these guys in Japan. We have stuff they don have. Yet Donner and Lorenzo knew they still had something to worry about. There were substantial numbers of Hispanics in the Douglas Park and Silver Bluff neighborhoods.… Read more →

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“We’re just so excited to see her run,” Stephen Slade said. Broadway and Madison. For the third year, Randy Carmon, 50, of Spokane, snagged a spot in front of the Spokane County Courthouse with the kids, Andrew Carmon, 10, and Natalie Blair, 9. I’ve long believed that advertisements our “fables of abundance,” as historian Jackson Lears recently described them are… Read more →

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Kristof and Mam seek to “empower” women and make the task of “freeing” women seem simple. But how can they be empowered without a living wage? As Marx contends, we ascend from Earth to heaven not the other way around. The call for female workplace assertiveness and the brand of “empowerment” are banal at best. Customers can eliminate most, if… Read more →

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The cast of the television hit 1960s sitcom: ?The Patty Duke Show,” Paul O’Keefe, left, and Patty Duke, joke during a Social Security news conference at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. The cast of the 1960s TV comedy now as seasoned citizens, are promoting the Social Security Administration’s service allowing baby… Read more →