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Hibbett Sports announced it will open a store inside the Lima Mall, 2400 Elida Road, this fall, according to a statement from the company. Penney concourse in the mall, said Betsy Billingsley, marketing director for the Lima Mall. Vanity closed all of its locations earlier this year, with its Lima location closing within a year of opening.. Bidyananda Singh 16… Read more →

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Consider the case of Pat Caldwell. Secret Service, Caldwell became head of sales and marketing for Protective Products of America Inc. (PPA), a Florida firm that sells body armor to federal and state agencies. Drug cheats always have an excuse after they get caught. And while meldonium is now a banned drug, there was a report last month that had… Read more →

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He wasn’t really touted by the recruiting services, but when you go out to LA to the “Elite 11 Finals” and do well. Get invited to ‘The Opening’ and do well again, your name get’s put out on the forefront. Everybody goes out and watches your film again. Some of those tradeoffs are easily identified. In noting that external hires… Read more →

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When the Cowboys played the Giants in a Monday night game to open the 1995 season, Jones walked the sidelines with Nike chief executive officer Phil Knight, flaunting his new corporate deal that defied NFL rules. Jones took attention away from the Giants’ retiring Phil Simms’ number at halftime. And worse, the Cowboys won 35 0, the first step on… Read more →

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So there Jeter was riding from Monument Park to the infield in a golf cart Sunday to the sounds of “My Way” by Sinatra. The Yankees do these number retiring events as well as anyone. After all, they have retired 22 and Jeter became the last of the single digit players. Her entire career we’ve seen what a special player… Read more →

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For folks like Bulit, the Aerojet facility is the Holy Grail: a fascinating, dangerous place that’s alive with skin crawling history. Around the world, thousands like him are part of a subculture of adventurers called urban explorers or “urb exers” whose obsession is infiltrating forgotten places and documenting what they find. The group is small but growing, in part because… Read more →

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The boys’ team won its first team title in 2003, won the title again in 2005 and went on to a five year winning streak from 2007 2011. Back to back state boys’ tennis titles in 2013 and 2014 brought Gulliver’s total state titles under Coach Mulligan to 15. She has received numerous Tennis Coach of the Year awards, from… Read more →

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Meanwhile, a new owner was all Little Mysteries Books needed to keep the Halifax business operating into its 20th year and beyond. Following a fruitless two year search for a buyer, owners Vanessa and Sandra Smith will close their Barrington Street shop in August. Until then, it business as usual, but no more layaways or gift certificates will be sold.… Read more →

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“I didn’t doubt for a second, knowing he was gay, that he would be the one to do it,” Kennedy told the AP on Monday. “I’ve never known him to look for publicity, or to look for the spotlight, but given that no one else would raise their hand, I knew he would do it.” Added Kennedy: “I’m so proud… Read more →

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It was last Sept. 14 when the senior quarterback suffered a broken ankle in a game against Piscataway. That ended his season, and as far as he was concerned, his career, as well. Pour chaque bndiction qui tombe ses pieds comme une plume du ciel, le karma punit ses tres chers, sans toutefois qu s rende compte. (Et le film… Read more →