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PERINO: Defense Secretary Mattis said earlier he does not think we are closer to war but if the North starts one, there would be severe consequences. Kimberly, there was a report today that China and the United States are drifting further apart. And then you had we spoke earlier that the president met with the prime minister of Japan and… Read more →

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Overnight Serena Williams serving up a fiery response to tennis great John McEnroe for these comments. Let’s talk about Serena Williams. You say she is the best female player in the world in the book. The CUMC team also discovered that TLR11 protects mice against S. Typhi by recognizing and binding to flagellin, a protein found in the bacterium’s flagellum,… Read more →

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The predominant economic model of development that we see today was evolved in the West when European economies collapsed in the aftermath the World War II. France and Germany forged an economic alliance to revive their economies. In due course of time, it proved a catalyst in international trade. The SpeedFlex helmets are designed to help reduce the force of… Read more →

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Royal Bank of Canada has been downgraded from buy to hold at TD Securities Inc. As its strong performance and fundamentals not justify its high valuation compared to its Canadian peers.The downgrade was primarily driven by RBC strong performance over the last nine months, said TD Securities analyst Mario Mendonca.Big Six banks profits top $10.5B for first quarter after strong… Read more →

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Shame on the refs for not calling that. Both Andy and Stephen Craig played terrific for the Atoms, hustling their butts off and showing a ton of heart and resiliency. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald and Westerman for Chantilly completely facilitated the game and were the cause of AHS’s downfall.. Activities, and assessing as well as observing children within schoolTo Whom It May… Read more →

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Millie had a nursing career that spanned 34 years with a ten year hiatus to raise her three children. She worked as a staff nurse in Denver, CO, and held a similar position at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Minneapolis. She also served as a nursing instructor at Minot State College during her time there. At the Veterans Administration Hospital… Read more →