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Aeropostale topped the list of brands upper income teen girls said they no longer wore in each of investment bank Piper Jaffray’s biannual teen surveys since the fall of 2014. This spring, 26 percent said they no longer wore Aeropostale, with 20 percent dropping Justice, 12 percent Abercrombie Fitch and 9 percent Hollister. Upper income teen boys were most likely… Read more →

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NEW YORK In a closed door meeting Sept. 23, the American Association of Advertising Agencies heard from all sides in the dispute over magazine research methods. At the center of the fight is a Magazine Publishers of America draft report that labeled as “perplexing” some findings about readership from Simmons Market Research Bureau. This marks the first time Neutrogena has… Read more →

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While the updates to the iPhone were incremental, Apple executives hinted that the iPhone changes were part of a companywide effort to wirelessly connect everything inside a home. Timothy D. Cook, Apple chief executive, explained how his company technology could be the central way to control all sorts of home wireless devices.. It s very disappointing. You really want to… Read more →

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A: Michael Sondheimer ’77, UCLA’s associate athletic director and the executive producer of Bruin Talk, said, “In this business, if you can write, you’ve got an in.” I said to myself, “English. That’s what I’m going to major in.” My junior year, the Film and Television minor became available and fit perfectly. It was a huge shift, but I’m so… Read more →

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Koolstra had three points, eight rebounds, two assists and two steals. Clark had two points and two rebounds. Ratcliffe had one rebound.. “It’s good to be back at the Match Play, I’ve always enjoyed this format and this tournament, whether it was in Arizona, San Francisco or here in Austin,” he added. “I feel like I’ve got a pretty good… Read more →