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Spain: Greatest Team Ever?7. Another Triumph for Tendulkar6. A Dandy First Major For Andy5. Entrepreneur must learn to live with chaos. But, more than that, the entrepreneur should accept that disruption, chaos, and even stress strengthen the entrepreneurial process. In fact, what is the goal of an entrepreneur but disruption in an effort to change or improve on what already… Read more →

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Be persistent: One key success factor each of the women stressed was persistence. Kelsey shared that as an entrepreneur, you’ll encounter numerous people telling you “no” and why your ideas won’t work. While it’s important to be persistent, Kelsey said you should listen to naysayers to tailor your pitch and make adjustments to your business plan as necessary. Through the… Read more →

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The city of Santa Rosa insists the property owners cooperatively manage rentals with higher standards and also maintain the properties up to code. Owners generally say the real estate market, high taxes, and utility rates leave no money for improvements. Some also say the city should provide rental subsidies to residents and that it has failed to deliver adequate police… Read more →