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Fossil titanium watches do a marvelous job of integrating form and function. The cases and bands are made of ultra lightweight yet highly durable titanium, which is also hypoallergenic, a quality not often found in men’s watches. Fossil titanium watches come in nine styles, with an approximate retail price range of $115 to $165.. The Swing. When Tiger left the… Read more →

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HeadBladeA fashionably shaved head is either the ultimate in minimalist dandyism or the 21st century version of the comb over. HeadBlade’s power razor has a form as curvy and clean as Patrick Stewart’s pate. Nestle it in your palm and “comb” yourself bald. Photo of Adam Flowers’ new Nike Air Jordan shoes. (Credit: Liz Lines/Twitter) Adam, a 9 year old… Read more →

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RADCLIFF, Ky. (AP) Police are investigating after finding $3 million worth of missing shoes at a central Kentucky home.Media outlets report that officers with the Radcliff Police Department confiscated thousands of pairs of Nike shoes that were scattered in front of the home.According to a search warrant filed last week, the shoes were supposed to be shipped in 2009 from… Read more →

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Currently, payment instruments are stored in virtual wallets residing either on the mobile device or centralized on the open network service platform. Consumers register for the service through their financial institution, mobile operator or service provider, depending on how the service is setup. The registration is necessary to link the consumer?s subscription data with their financial information and provision the… Read more →

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Message one: of lives have been lost in the Kashmir conflict Don Kashmiris already know it? Furthermore, there is no attempt to isolate civilian casualties whether through death, disappearances, or, generations lost to infantile disorders, psychological traumas and other lifelong disabilities. The soldiers and the non combatants killed are merged in one indistinguishable statement of mortality, forgetting that one lot… Read more →