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Facebook doesn’t provide advertisers data on individual Facebook users; nor do we care about individual identities. All the local sports store wants is to reach the members of the large group of local people who Like running, Nike , running events and Walmart.) The smaller store probably doesn’t want to advertise to Walmart shoppers who don’t share a passion for… Read more →

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There are several reasons why art and copy employees tend to hop jobs faster than their planning and servicing counterparts. Firstly, for a creative employee, especially during the first decade of the career, ‘doing the agency rounds’ is actually recommended. It is said that they get exposure to different schools of thought the Piyush approach, the Prasoon touch or the… Read more →

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(Bill) McDonald, the incumbent who has held the office for nearly one quarter of a century, will meet Bob Jones. In the statewide race for governor, the metropolitan newspapers report that the race is nearly dead even between the three candidates, Bob Kirscht, Steve Schuck and Ted Strickland. 34 between Akron and Brush next summer. Laxwannabe wrote:sirhope44 wrote:laxwannabe wrote:Not a… Read more →