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“These technologies will have enormous potential over time, but I think their full potential will take many years to realize,” said Dr. David Blumenthal, a former adviser to President Barack Obama and president of the Commonwealth Fund, a New York based foundation that focuses on health care. “In pioneer analogies, we’re just landing on Plymouth Rock.” And for the moment,… Read more →

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The property is bisected by Wise Road, which divides it into two distinct parcels. The north portion is approximately 253 acres and undeveloped. The south portion is approximately 248 acres, including 72 acres that contained the former Nike missile site. Yeah a moment of immodesty. Yeah that write. It is difficult to talk about that without really seeming big headed.… Read more →

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Several Pittsburgh area companies including Mylan NV, Alcoa Inc., EQT Corp., Kraft Heinz Co. And Bank of New York Mellon Corp. are among the hundreds of corporations in the S 500 index that regularly report adjusted earnings alongside GAAP measures. Experts also feel that geography matters. “A Vivek Oberoi may still be front page news in Allahabad or Ajmer,” says… Read more →

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The extreme example is probably represented by the longest running off Broadway musical of all time, the allegorical young lovers’ tale, 1960’s “The Fantasticks.” A song in which narrator El Gallo offers up scenarios for kidnapping the story’s young girl, Luisa, titled, “It Depends on What You Pay,” originally used the word “rape” repeatedly to describe the varieties of staged… Read more →