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Ambitious students at other top ranked business schools normally seek lucrative jobs in private equity and other well paid sectors, Bloomberg reports. Stanford, those kinds of jobs generally elicit from fellow students, he says, because so called gunners chase riskier ventures. Forbes also ranks Stanford MBA program No. Player strategies 4.1. Overview 4.2. Medtech companies and pure players 4.2.1. Why… Read more →

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Targeting “everyone” isn targeting and it reduces your chance of success. The whole point with customer research is to find values and motivators that will encourage people to either buy products or services, or to engage in conversation with organizations. The only way to create relevant strategies is to understand whom you talking with and what interests them.. Graffiti, the… Read more →

Are Nike Shoes Made In China

Presentations print based on the resolution at which you created them. At low resolutions, this can negatively impact the look of printed text.To create a presentation:1 Open the container where you want to store the presentation.2 Choose File > New > New Presentation.3 Select the template you want your presentation to use.The presentation opens in presentation display mode.4 Add and… Read more →

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Still, despite the gun violence I lived through, I go shooting at the range to this day. Usually, with a Glock 45 and a Beretta 9. I like guns, especially the physics of ballistics, something I learned about in the military. “Being able to see them play and see where they’ve come from and see them grow up, it’s a… Read more →

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Although Ms. “Da Da” is a freshmen, she is doing big things. We watched her play Meade Mustangs this weekend and she was spectacular. All these likes and dislikes are, naturally, subjective. It’s possible there’s someone somewhere who has been persuaded to buy a sofa because that nice one from EastEnders who used to be in that band was endorsing… Read more →

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I think UVA will struggle to land a “big name” coach. They’re better off aiming for one of the up and coming mid tier guys. Joe Amplo, Eric Seremet, Jon Torpey, Jim Nagle, Shawn Nadelen if you can get him. Richard Pitino does not have that kind of deal at Minnesota, whose contract with Nike is for apparel only, Coyle… Read more →

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The public are three times as likely to believe it if it is editorial not advertising, so this approach works. But for how much longer? The first signs that our obsession with celebrity has reached saturation are being detected. What will this means for the stars, and the lucrative endorsement business?. Sears Grand will host a number of “grand” opening… Read more →