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That’s because of the system Sheu says he helped design. It links the turnstiles to the roll call iPads and each worker’s ID badge, sending managers automated alerts if workers approach the 60 hour limit or have clocked in six days in a row. Try to go beyond those limits, and the system automatically blocks entry, executives and workers said..… Read more →

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“People go on radio shows talking about him when they don’t even know him,” said Hughley. “I hear sports talk hosts trashing him, even questioning the quality of his education. What do they know about his education? They talk about stuff that happened when he was in the eighth grade. He said it the highlight of his career.this is the… Read more →

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With regard to Navy’s foot, ankle, knee and leg injuries, perhaps it’s actually the field. The Midshipmen had another player go down on the artificial turf of Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium on Saturday. Junior slotback Tre Walker, who was enjoying the finest game of his career, tried to make a cut while returning a kickoff and collapsed awkwardly to… Read more →

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“It’s a high, the entire race, every race,” she says. “When you start to hit the wall, you just think of the people lying in bed, going through treatment. It brings you back to why you’re doing it, and you just go.” The Canyon Ranch 35th Annual Inspiration Awards went to 70 people recognized for the inspiration they provide to… Read more →

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Avista is one of six owners in Colstrip. The utility expects Colstrip to be a viable part of its energy mix through at least 2037, Jason Thackston, Avista’s senior vice president for energy resources, said in a July interview. However, Avista could reduce the amount of electricity it gets from Colstrip and buy more energy on the wholesale market, the… Read more →

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E1T1 coach Steven Reece believes Sagemont 2018 guard Samir Stewart is the most underrated guard in the state. “Samir is on our 16 U team and he’s doing a great job,” Reece said. “He controls the tempo, takes care of the ball, will score when needed.” . Ironically, the one place where Mr. Durant might not be well received as… Read more →