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You’re playing for the nation, for your country. So give your best to your country. If you play like that, you will sleep better thinking you gave your all.”. Every aspect of Abbou’s photograph radiates strength and gives the viewer the impression that the woman in the picture is a physically strong person. Her biceps and shoulder muscles are bulging… Read more →

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I came to as we arrived at the most modern and calm hospital I have ever been in. Unlike the clinics crowded with evacuees, at the Ochsner Medical Center offering “healthcare with peace of mind” doctors, nurses and orderlies far outnumbered the patients. In fact, there seemed to be only a handful of other patients on the immaculate ward. Think… Read more →

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Reproducing, or repeating, an experiment in the exact same way is also known as replicating it. By doing an experiment more than once, an experimenter is able to check that the method works as expected and gives reliable results. An experiment in which the original experimenter repeats the experiment using the same procedure, the same equipment, the same measuring devices,… Read more →

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13 guard and No. 17 player in the state of Georgia . No. It depicts a businessman wearing a green tie, the color associated with CraftArt’s neighbor and sponsor of the mural, Regions Bank, discovering his creative side.”I think it’s the largest free hand mural in St. Petersburg,” Shelly says, meaning it wasn’t done using a grid method or projector.Donnelly’s… Read more →